September 2014

I took three off days to go around Kaohsiung. But believe me, it’s not enough! You need at least a week here to enjoy things properly.

Tips: Bring notebook, because a lot of tourist places have special stamp pads.


Train/Railway Museum. If you like vintage, you should have a look. It’s free and nearby a huge park at the back.


Went a bit further and saw a ferry crossing to another island. I thought I would cross another day. So I walked across the bridge.


I followed a path to the Former British Consulate Residence. On the way there, I found interesting gazebo with awesome view. It led me to another places I loved to see.

The beginning of the path

The path

The gazebo

The gazebo

The view... if you look more to the right (it's not on this picture), you'll see a famous university

The view… if you look more to the right (it’s not on this picture), you’ll see a famous national university

Former British Consulate Residence. Didn't get in because there's entrance fee.

Former British Consulate Residence. Didn’t get in because there’s entrance fee.

Then I walked down to that university I saw from above. It looks like Meteor Garden movie series set. I thought so, but I was wrong. Anyways… that was an interesting walking tour.

I walked along the bay and bought tea egg in 7 Eleven. Tea egg is my favorite food in Taiwan.

I sat here and ate my tea eggs when I saw that lighthouse in the other island

I sat here and ate my tea eggs when I saw that lighthouse on the hill on the other island

I stayed in Takaobay hostel. The dorm room is clean and nice. It cost 500 TWD per night (double check again. It was a year ago). The owner wasn’t around, but the brother was taking care of the administration. He was nice too. There were 3 of us in the dorm and we had a good time chatting until late with him. They have weekend waterfall tour. Better go with others to share the cost.


i went around together with my new friend from the hostel. First thing we did was having the famous beef noodle nearby Takaobay hostel.

Formosa Boulevard KMRT Station. The most beautiful subway station in Taiwan. We saw a promotion for tourists/students in the tourist information center. You can buy a youth card and get discount in museums and some other places.

Tiger and Dragon Pagoda. Yep. Literally Tiger and Dragon. My friend told me, you should go through the dragon and out from the tiger. Otherwise, you’ll get bad luck. Well… I don’t believe it but I automatically went to the left before she even told me. Hahaha…


There are temples along the way.

Confusius Temple. You know who he is, right? He’s a very wise man who has so many followers until today. You can see historical stuff there and some of his wisdom.

The gate

The gate

Miniature of the Forbidden Palace (China)

Miniature of the Forbidden Palace (China)

Lotus Pond. It’s just in front of Confusius Temple. I heard that it’s beautiful near dark. It should have fogs floating on the surface of the pond. However, we only saw bats flying around.



Cijin Island. The lighthouse I saw is here: Cihou Lighthouse. There’s also Cihou Fort, connected by a path which kinda creepy if you walk by yourself. I walked around there and found a Shell Museum. I wanted to go further to the Wind Farm, but it’s too far.

Pier 2 and Banana Pier. Full of art and place to have a drink (especially in the evening). There’s also a big souvenir shop.

The cafes in Banana Pier area. And that's my ship :)

The cafes in Banana Pier area. And that’s my ship 🙂

PS. Sorry, I don’t really remember what happened, but I can’t find my complete pictures of Kaohsiung.


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