My ship docked at Doha port. It’s pretty close to The Corniche, the 7 kilometers horseshoe area around Doha bay. It’s just a perfect place for exercising, jogging, walking, or just hanging out.


Souq Waqif (market)

With Aladdin movie atmosphere, Souq Waqif is definitely a market I always wanted to visit. You’ll find souvenirs, restaurants, carpets, local sweets, and even pets. One of the most interesting part is that we can find falcons on sale. They still train falcons for hunting purpose.




trainee hunter falcon

There are also some other souqs and Filipino supermarkets nearby.


Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

I went there to see the Hajj exhibition, but most of my friends went for the high speed internet connection…

Opening Hours: Sunday-Wednesday: 10.30AM-5.30PM; Thursday & Saturday: 12PM-8PM; Friday: 2PM-8PM; Closed on Tuesdays.

Admission fee: FREE.

MIA from the Corniche (morning)

MIA from the Corniche (morning)


MIA from the Corniche (after sunset)

MIA from the Corniche (after sunset)

MIA Park

It’s just next to the MIA. Most people like spending their time here to have a nice picnic or to relax in the afternoon and enjoying the citylights view at night.

Doha citylights from MIA (sorry lots of noise)

Doha citylights from MIA (sorry lots of noise)

Katara Valley of Culture

Doha made these artificial green hills side by side to a wonderful beach and build this area for art and cultural societies. They have fancy restaurants, an opera house, and an amphitheater. It makes Katara to be a really nice place just to hang out with family or friends.

the amphi theater

the amphi theater

The Pearl

This is a world class waterfront area in Doha West Bay. You’ll find luxurious residents and international retail brands like Ferrari. They said you can book boat trips and fun rides with Ronautica ME (I don’t know what that is though).



Villagio Mall

I went to Villagio Mall and enjoyed the sky painting on its ceiling.  You can also ride automatic gondola along the “river”.


Aspire Zone

Aspire zone is a stadium area where 2006 Asian Games took place.



Other Places to Go

If you want to experience desert adventures, like sand duning, camping and riding camel, try to contact the local travel agents. Here are some I got from the Qatar Tourism Authority:

Arabian Adventures 4436 1461

Black Pearl Tourism 5555 1169

Gulf Adventures 4422 1888

Qatar Int’l Adventures 4455 3954

Qatar Int’l Tours 4455 1141


Respect The Culture

If you meet local people, don’t shake their hands unless they make the first movement to shake your hand. Especially for opposite gender.

Don’t take a picture of a person without his/her permission.

Ladies, don’t go out with wet hair. It has very negative meaning that’s unappropriate to mention here.


Man: long trousers and shirts with sleeves. No flip flops.

Women: wear something loose and long enough to cover your elbows and ankles, with high cut necklines. No flip flops.



1 Euro = 5 QR (Qatari Riyal)

Chicken barbeque (whole chicken with bread) in Petra restaurant 25 QR.

Falcon 10,000 – 500,000 QR depends on the gender, size,  and experience.

Gondola ride in Villagio Mall 10 QR.

Sorry, not much information about prices, but it’s similar to Oman. You can check my previous post about Oman.

  1. Stufly says:

    Eva, how’s life?
    Ah, glad to know you are still trying to write.
    I enjoyed it so much. 🙂

    • Eva says:

      Yeehaw! Awesome, Sat 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I had more time to write and good internet connection to upload + read your adventures too..

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