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Only stopped here for 4 days minus the immigration process, I have only few times to go out. Basically Sultan Qaboos Port has a wonderful view with rocky mountains background. As we walk to Mutrah suq and Riyam park, we’ll see very clean side walk along wonderful bay. For me, it’s very nice just to walk or jog, then sit on the grass to relax.

the sidewalk along the bay

the sidewalk along the bay

Mutrah Suq (market)

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday 7.30 AM-1 PM and 4 PM-10 PM; Friday 7 AM-11 AM.

You’ll find lots of exotic Arabian goods there and restaurants nearby. The smell of incense and some spices spread all over the market. If you like shopping, you’ll enjoy bargaining here.



Riyam Park

I didn’t see the opening hours, but it seems to be open for public most of the time. They also have a cold water container where you can get water for free nearby the gate. There’s a huge incense burner that seems to be the a landmark of Muscat in walking distance, also a small amusement park for children.


Other Places to Go

Old Muscat

Royal Opera House

As Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

There are also forts, diving/snorkeling spots, lakes, and museums.

one of the forts near Riyam park

one of the forts near Riyam park

sunset on the bay

enjoy this kind of sunset on the bay

Respect The Culture

If you meet local people, don’t shake their hands unless they make the first movement to shake your hand. Especially for opposite gender.

Don’t take a picture of a person without his/her permission. It’s considered to be offensive.

Ladies, don’t go out with wet hair. It has very negative meaning that’s unappropriate to mention here.

One last thing, try not to say that a child is cute or adorable (to the parents) even if it is. They believe that it’s a curse as the devils may hear that and may bring bad omen for the child.


Man: long trousers and shirts with sleeves. No flip flops.

Women: wear something loose and long enough to cover your elbows and ankles, with high cut necklines. No flip flops.


1 OMR (Omani Riyal) = 1000 Baisa (Omani cents) = 2 Euro

Oman is a rich country, so I suggest you NOT to take taxi if you have limited budget.



Mineral water: 600ml 100 Baisa; 1lt 200 Baisa.

Shawarma (similar to kebab but small) 200-300 Baisa.

Plain humus (kind of nut sauce) with naan bread 400-500 Baisa.

Burgers (depends on the fillings) 400-800 Baisa.

Fresh fruit juice 700-900 Baisa.

Flip-flops 1-2 OMR.

Sandals 3-5 OMR. If you want the handmade sandals, it may cost you more.

Scarf / pashmina  1.5-3 OMR.

Postcards (for 1 OMR): good quality paper maximum 5 pcs; average quality paper maximum 7 pcs.

Dish dash (traditional men outfit) 5-10 OMR / set.


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