That morning was my first time to visit Baturraden Adventure Forrest (BAF). I went there with 6 other friends from my community. A warm welcome from the staff added more plus to a very well organized and eco friendly environment. Hadi, the operational manager, told us that they built everything naturally, without cutting any of the plants in this 47 hectares area.




We started with safety instructions and wearing safety equipments, assisted by Sardi, Rikam, and Rahmat.

my friend, Olipe, with her "oversized" harness

my friend, Olipe, with her “oversized” harness

BAF has 4 different outbound tracks (high rope). The easiest one is demo track. Yes, of course because it’s only for practicing. The next track is Pelus, named after the river nearby. Followed by Kinyami, named after the forest, and the last track is Moprok, named after the waterfall. All tracks include flying fox. If you’re brave enough, you can see Telaga Sunyi river from above in Moprok flying fox track. I think it’s the longest flying fox track I’ve ever known around here (300m).





We had our break at lunch time. Then we got ready for trampoline! I felt like flying. Loved it so much! Some of my friends even managed to roll forward and backward. Too bad I couldn’t do the same.


There were some kauri trees near the trampoline. Sardi taught us that we can eat the young kauri leaves. It’s one of survival food. I tried it. It tastes sour like lime with bitter taste of leaves, but also has a slight spicy sensation like when you eat something too sour. If you eat them too much, your tongue might get numb,


If you come visit BAF, you can try:

Walk In Package, like I did, for IDR 150K per person. Includes: highrope games, trampoline, dam swimming, and lunch (usually fried rice).

One Day Package for IDK 350K per person. Includes: outbound training (for team building), snack and lunch. Best time: 8 AM – 14PM. Min. 30 persons.

Camping Package for IDR 600K per person. Includes: highrope games, 3x meals, 2x coffee breaks. Optional (confirmation needed): night adventure, campfire, morning trekking, or any ideas came into your mind and you want to add that on your camping package. Maximum capacity: 200 persons.

Paintball Package, min. 20 persons for IDR 3.5 Million per package. Includes: paintball equipments, operators, traditional snacks.
Tubing, min. 10 persons for IDR 150K per person.
Downhill (cycling), max. 6 persons.
BAFKid for school students. Includes: educational program with scientific experiments.
Canyoning, min. 10 persons for IDR 150K per person.
Other facillities: 19 clean toilets. canteen, barack, bamboo hall.


Next project: Amphi Theater.

Click to watch the video.

Contact Person:

Office 0281 9149405
Visca (Manager) +6281328888897


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