Though located in an alley, Jago is a really famous street stall in Salatiga. They sell traditional hot drinks from Central Java based on ginger: wedang ronde, wedang sekoteng, wedang kacang. Basically, these drinks have similarities. They contain kolang-kaling (palm fruit), peanuts, and sliced bread. Wedang means “hot drink” (Javanese). Ronde is round shaped, made of glutinous rice filled with crushed peanuts. If it’s your first time, I’d suggest wedang ronde.

I ate Batagor as well. The portion is pretty small, so you can consider it as snack. If you are hungry, try mie kopyok, noodle soup with rice cake and fried tofu. The prices are around IDR 10,000.

Ronde Sekoteng JAGO, Jl. Jend Sudirman No. 9 Salatiga. Phone: (0298) 321813. The alley is near a police station, Soto Sapi Suruh, and Salon Jovina.



order food here


order drink and pay here




wedang ronde


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