Taken from official brochure of Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kabupaten Banjarnegara (with some translation corrections) including what you’ve missed… oops…



Serayu river is known to have 3+ grade that made it a venue for several national and international championships.



This is an annual event held in Dieng Plateau. The highlight of this event is Ruwat Rambut Gembel. It’s a “cleansing” ceremony for the dreadlock haired children. They believe that these children are the incarnation of a god or Queen of the South. The effort to eliminate the dreadlock can only be done by a ritual hair cutting ceremony by request of the child.


NYADRAN GEDHE (4 July 2013)

Nyadran Gedhe is an annual village purification ritual. It’s held two days before Ramadhan in Gumelem district. The ritual starts with cleaning up the village, proceeded by a parade to the grave of Ki Ageng Giri. People will walk together in Javanese traditional clothing, carrying many kinds of food. They ended the ritual with a prayer and eating together.



This procession symbolize the transfer of government capital city from Banjarwatulembu to Banjarnegara. They will hold a parade of emblem banners from Banjarwatulembu area to Dipayuda Adhi Graha hall Banjarnegara.


SERAYU FESTIVAL (24-31 August 2013) 

Pesta Parak Iwak / Parak Iwak Festival (26-27 August 2013)

It’s a form of people’s awareness to Serayu river which holds a great role for Banjarnegara. The procession begins with colleting water (Ulam Sari Tirta Nyawiji) from lakes in Dieng Plateau. The water will be placed in a traditional basin, bokor Tumus Pandeleng Ing Manah. Then it will be carried in a parade from Batur, Wanayasa, Karang Kobar, Banjarmangu, dan burried in Madukara.

The next day, Ulam Sari Tirta Nyawiji will be carried to Serayu river to be floated. Tourists can participate in Gogoh Iwak, 1000 tumpeng dining with the locals, while enjoying Banjarnegara traditional art performances.

Parade Budaya / Cultural Parade (24 August 2013)

Featuring Potential Arts, Culture and Tourism, as well as Creative Products of banjarnegara. The whole events will be performed along Jalan Dipayuda (Dipayuda street) after the opening ceremony by Minister for Economic Affairs, Ir Hatta Rajasa, and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Dr. Marie Elka Pangestu.

Gelar Seni / Art Performances (24-31 August 2013)

This event will start in the morning to evening. It will show all potential art and culture of Banjarnegara with attractive performance of local artists. Locations: Alun-alun Banjarnegara (Banjarnegara square), Taman Kuliner (Culinary Garden), Stadion Kolopaking (Kolopaking Stadium), and TRMS Seruling Mas.

Serayu Expo (28-31 August 2013)

It’s an expo of creative products (arts, music, crafts, technology) of small or home industry of Central Java. There are also agricultural products, fish and farm products, food and job fair, with entertainments for visitors.

Banjarnegara Bersholawat (31 August 2013)

This is a spiritual event where a Muslim leader will lead a mass prayer to praise and to thank God for His grace, guidance, and help to people of Banjarnegara. Visitors are welcome to join the event at Alun-alun Banjarnegara (Banjarnegara square).

Banjarnegara Hijau / Banjarnegara Green (31 August 2013)

Banjarnegara Green is a mass tree planting event with art and cultural touch at TRMS Seruling Mas complex. A number of national artists will perform as well in this big event.


BARITAN / RUWAT BUMI DIENG (29 November 2013)

Baritan stands for “mbubarake peri lan setan” which means “casting out evil spirit and demons”. This ritual is devoted to the ancestors in order to avoid disasters, so they can live safely and peacefully.

The highlight of this event is a specific goat slaughter (kambing kendit / kendit goat). The four legs of it will be planted at the four corners of the village, as a shield to protect the villagers.



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