8 – 11 July 2013
(Info of some prices updated March 2014)

I got free return flight from Airasia for booking a junior room at Nasa Vegas Hotel Bangkok. I thought it was a great deal, so I decided to spend 3 nights there. BUT it was a surprise when I MUST leave THB 1,500 deposit at the front desk for the room key. You can use credit card though, but I don’t have any😛 fortunately my friend came and I could lend his cash.

My flight arrived in Bangkok on Monday at 8 PM and departed from there on Thursday at 11.25 AM so practically I had only 2 days to get around. Here’s what I would suggest you to visit (if you have only 2 days in Bangkok like me):


Ancient Siam / Samut Prakan Ancient City / Mueang Boran

Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM. You might need about 5-6 hours to enjoy everything in Ancient Siam. I think it represents Thailand the most compared to other places. You’ll find temple and palace duplicates, traditional Thai house, even floating market. Some genuine buildings were moved here from their origins.

Best time to visit: morning.

How to get there:

  • Take BTS to Bang Na station, then take taxi to Ancient Siam. The taxi will bring you to Sukhumvit road towards Bangpoo until you get to km.33 where Ancient Siam is on your left.
  • Take air-conditioned bus no.511 from Southern bus terminal Paknam till the end of the line. Then take mini bus no.36 to Ancient Siam.
ready to explore Ancient Siam

ready to explore Ancient Siamduplicate of Grand Palaceduplicate of Grand Palace




the floating market


Siam Niramit Show

It’s an 80 minutes spectacular show listed in the Guiness World Records. There are also some other attractions you can enjoy after gate opening at 5.30 PM, like Thai traditional village and elephant rides.

How to get there:

  • Take taxi straight to 19 Tiamruammit Road, Huaykwang.
  • Take MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre, exit 1. Wait for the free shuttle bus starting from 6 PM, every 15 minutes (depends on the traffic). Drop offs starting after the show ends.


Asiatique Riverfront

Open-air cutting edge night market, fancy riverside dining, and entertainment. There is a ferris wheel if you want to see Bangkok from above. There’s also Calypso cabaret show. Some people said that Pattaya’s ladyboys are prettier (I admit that too), but if you wonder how Thai ladyboys perform, just watch it here.

How to get there: Take BTS to Saphan Taksin, exit 2. Then take Asiatique free shuttle boat. The last shuttle boat back to Saphan Taksin is at around 10.30PM




Souvenir shopping at Ma Boon Khrong (MBK) Center.


How to get there: Take BTS to National stadium.

My favorite is rice crackers with pork floss. You can also find Thai traditional snacks like durian chips or tamarind candy. Other things I usually buy are keychains, mini coin purses, and coconut chopsticks.

Lucky, there was a Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) competition on the National Stadium. BUT it wasn’t that violent like we saw on the movies… it’s more like aerobic competition. There’s also a bazaar on the same area. I got an hour of Thai body massage. I think it’s a mixture of massage and smack down, but it’s good!

For more shopping centers, walk along the connecting bridges until Siam Paragon. Find Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. in Siam Discovery, 6th floor. Buy the ticket online to get up to 50% discount.

If you want to go fashion shopping, try Platinum fashion mall. It’s still in walking distance from Siam Paragon (if you’re not too tired to walk).

wax Tom Cruise with my friend's nickname

wax Tom Cruise with my friend’s nickname


the muay thai competition


the bazaar on National Stadium

Siam Paragon lobby

Siam Paragon lobby


Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Pho (Temple of The Reclining Buddha).

If you have limited budget, just skip these places. Ancient Siam is enough.

How to get there:

  • Take MRT to Hua Lamphong, then take taxt to Wat Pho. Walk to Grand Palace. Take express boat from Tha Tien pier. To go back, take any Chao Praya River express to Tha Tien.
  • Take bus no. 1, 25, 44, 47, 62 or 91 that stop on Maharat road (near Tha Tien). Take express boat from Tha Tien pier. To go back, take any Chao Praya River express to Tha Tien.



Most Thai dishes consist of pork and seafood. Try: pad thai, kway chap, papaya salad, mango sticky rice, roasted pork/duck, tom yum soup. Be careful, Thai dishes sometimes can be terribly spicy. You’ll also find fresh fruit juice (no sugar added) and sliced fruit on the street stalls.

My favorite dish is rice + stir fried chicken/pork with basil leaves. My friend said that kan yao durian is the best, but I haven’t tried it yet. I bought Thai tea (with chrysanthemum) and coconut ice cream. They’re good!


rice + stir fried chicken with basil


kway chap


Please adjust the costs with your traveling budget🙂

taken with phone cam, sorry my scanner is broken :D

taken with phone cam, sorry my scanner is broken😀

Backpacker hostels ±THB 600-700/room/night.

Each meal (food stalls or street restaurants) ±THB 50. If you buy express food on convenient stores ±THB 19-40. Snacks (including fruit) ±THB 10-20.

Mineral water THB 13-17.


Ancient Siam THB 700, including bicycle rental, tram, and boat service. If you want a golf car, it’s THB 250-350 (depends on the capacity).

Siam Niramit Show THB 1,500 – 2,000 (show only). With dinner THB 1,850 – 2,350.

Mekhong Ferris Wheel (Asiatique) THB 250 for adult, THB 150 for children.

Thai massage (per hour) THB 150-200 foot only, THB 200-300 body.

Calypso cabaret show THB 900-1,200.

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew THB 500.

Wat Arun THB 50.

Wat Pho THB 100.


My Expenses

1 THB = 350 IDR



Cost (IDR)

Cost (THB)

7 / 7 / 13

Bus: Purwokerto-Jakarta


8 / 7 / 13

Damri bus to the airport


Flight: Jakarta-Bangkok




Airport tax


Taxi to Mo Chit BTS station


BTS & ARL to Ramkamhaeng



Hotel (pre-booked)


9 / 7 / 13

Breakfast (Family Mart), water


ARL, MRT, BTS to Bang Na


Taxi to Ancient Siam



Ancient Siam


Snacks in Ancient Siam


Taxi to Bang Na



BTS, MRT, ARL to Ramkamhaeng



Another snack



Taxi to Phra Kanong BTS station



BTS to Saphan Taksin



BTS & ARL to Ramkamhaeng


10 / 7 / 13

Breakfast (Family Mart)


Water and snacks


ARL & BTS to National Stadium


Orange juice



Sliced fruit



Thai massage



McD ham & chicken pie






Flu medicine



Dinner (rice + chicken with basil)



Rice crackers with pork floss (3)



Thailand keychains (5)



BTS & ARL to Ramkamhaeng


11 / 7 / 13

Breakfast (Family Mart)


Snacks & Thai spices


ARL & BTS to Mo Chit


Taxi to Don Mueang airport


Flight: Jakarta-Jogja



Airport tax



Trans-Jogja to Bus Terminal



Bus: Jogja-Purwokerto






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