Desa Pandansari, Kecamatan Paguyangan, Brebes, Jawa Tengah (Central Java). Camping with my friends: Olipe and Isro.

This tea plantation is managed by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara IX (Persero). Located on the western slope of Mt. Slamet, the biggest mountain in Java. It’s around 1200-2050 meters above sea level. There are some other attractions you can enjoy, like the Puncak Sakub where you can see Mt. Slamet from above, and Gua Jepang (Japan cave). Prepare for the chill and thick fog, especially on the dry season.











On the way:

Telaga Ranjeng Conservation. A peaceful lake with lots of huge fish. It should be catfish sanctuary, but I only saw koi fish and some other. I didn’t come closer because I don’t like fish that much 😀 I suggest you to just leave those fish alone. Firstly, because it’s a conservation. Secondly, the locals believe that those fish are the guardians of the lake. They said a tourist caught a fish and brought it home, but then he got very ill until he returned the fish back to the lake.


How to get there

It’s 15 kilometers from Bumiayu. North track: Tegal/Cirebon – Bumiayu – Kaligua. South track: Purwokerto – Paguyangan – Kaligua.



Camping ground + parking: IDR 6,000 / person

Bring your own food or buy at the cafetaria. There is bathroom so you don’t have to worry about water. You can ask the staff if you need to use the toilet near the reception office.

Guest house rooms start from IDR 150,000

Outbond (4 highrope games): IDR 20,000

Horse riding: IDR 10,000 – 20,000

Kaligua black tea powder: IDR 5,500

Kaligua black tea 25 bags: IDR 5,000

  1. Dini says:

    very interesting and informative post. make me want to visit Brebes. keep up the good job 🙂

  2. olipe oile says:

    aaah, ada aku \(^_^)/

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