Exploring Banyumas with my friends – Olipe, Dodo, and Arif – through wacky roads with motorbikes.

Pura Pedaleman Giri Kendeng

A Hindu temple located in Desa Klinting, Kecamatan Somagede, Banyumas. Felt like in Bali a bit.





Watu Lintang

Another place to visit in Desa Klinthing is this legendary rock. Local people believe that this rock once was a meteor so they named it Watu Lintang. Watu means stone or rock, and lintang means star.


Curug Gumawang

We walked around 1,7 kilometers down on the new road to curug Gumawang. As we ran out of snacks and drink, we picked a papaya when we were walking back up 😀 Arif, the hero, got the biggest cut. Then we bought kelapa muda (young coconut) from a local elder, but again, we put an effort to get it: climb the coconut tree! The elder lent us kudi, Banyumas traditional cleaver, that we could enjoy the kelapa muda immediately. Priceless!




Note: They said it was 1,7 kilometers. I don’t believe that, because I usually walk 2,5 kilometers through the forrest to Pancuran Pitu. The road to curug Gumawang was more or less the same to me. Or I was halucinating from dehidration? Some local workers (working on the new road) offered us kelapa muda, but we thought we were strong enough until we “stole” the papaya.

We should have visited a guava agrotourism as well, but we didn’t find the exact location. Surely, we must come back here again 😀

  1. olipe oile says:

    aduh…foto terakhir… 🙂

  2. Eva says:

    unforgettable 😀

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