Situ Tirta Marta and Curug Tempuran, Purbalingga.

Situ Tirta Marta is a well made pond located in Karang Cegak, Desa Telaga. You can swim with the fish in its cool spring water. There are some food and snacks stall, and water tube rental. 



We must ask people before we finally found Curug Tempuran (Tempuran waterfall) in Desa Bumisari, Kecamatan Bojongsari. It’s still hidden, but worth to find!



Waduk Sempor (Sempor Dam), Gombong.

Coordinate: 7°33’8″S   109°29’29″E

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Peaceful view, giant mendoan (almost 3 times bigger than usual). You can ride the boat and fish as well.

waduk Sempor from the bridge

waduk Sempor from the bridge

Waduk Sempor

Waduk Sempor

the giant mendoan

the giant mendoan

Menganti Beach, Kebumen.

Coordinate: 7°46’16″S   109°24’46″E

qrcode menganti

Camping here means you’ll watch a great sunset and (almost) sunrise too. There’s a fish  market that you can cook your own delicacy. I suggest you to buy fresh fish from the fisherman at around 3 AM or as soon as you see a boat move closer to the beach. The best time to camp is summer (of course) on the new moon, when the sky is dark at night that you’ll see magnificent stars party, or the full moon, when it’s so bright that you won’t need flashlight at night.

They open the parking area until 5 or 6 PM, but you can tell the parking attendant if you want to camp. Make sure you bring chain and padlock to secure your motorbike.








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