General Info Gyeongju Seoul

Day 1: 16 April 2013

My friend, Rio, picked me up at the harbor. The cruise arrived an hour later than scheduled. The first thing to be grateful for was that I wasn’t a complete lone stranger in South Korea. The second one was though Rio is a Korean, he speaks English very well. The third was that Rio could explain to me the history of the places we visited. Mostly, I’m grateful to have such a good friend like him.

the special maple tree

the special maple tree

He took me walking around Nampeodong area. We passed a special maple tree. The leaves should be green on Spring, but they were red like in Autumn. As Korea has some good cosmetic brands, I bought face mask to recover my  pretty face (oops) from sunburn. We will find that the prices are way cheaper than in our countries. We also passed the an area where BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) was held. We walked to Yongdusan park, then went up to Busan Tower observatory. ‎

in front of Busan Tower, admiral Yi Sun Sin keeps watching Japan

in front of Busan Tower, admiral Yi Sun Sin keeps watching Japan

Dongnae open air foot bath (free)

There were so many elders. You won’t find any young people unless they are curious tourists like me. Don’t forget to wash your feet before soaking in the hot water, and make sure you don’t step on the seat area.

the other visitors of open air foot bath

the other visitors of open air foot bath

As our stomach growled, we walked in to a famous jokbal (pig feet) restaurant, Busan Jokbal. It was fun because I usually watch Korean people wrap meat and some other side dishes with lettuce or sesame leaf before eating them together. Rio told me that you can find jokbal and the style of enjoying it ONLY in Korea. Unfortunately because of the crazy seasickness, I couldn’t eat a lot. But then I felt hungry fast and we bought gimbap. I ate both ends of the gimbap slices. Rio said it could bring me blessings. *finger crossed*



We ran rushly to Beomeosa. “Sa” means temple in Korean. We only had about 10 minutes to spend here, so we could hardly control our heart rate because of running up the hill and went back down in very short time.

a gate of Beomeosa

a gate of Beomeosa

Rio drinking the fresh water outside Beomeosa

Rio drinking the fresh water outside Beomeosa


This was where I stayed. My Couchsurfing host, Gary, lives in an apartment by the Haeundae beach. There are so many restaurants, minimarkets, and even food market with street food stalls.

cloudy Haeundae Beach

cloudy Haeundae Beach

Day 2: 17 April 2013

Haedong Yonggungsa is a must visit temple in Busan. It’s one of the world heritage sites by the sea.

Haedong Yonggungsa

Haedong Yonggungsa

Back to Haeundae

I  found a Tourist Information Center. They gave me maps and brochures about attractions in Haeundae area. You can visit another public open air foot bath (free): Haeundae open air foot bath but it’s the same with Dongnae footbath, you can barely meet you people that means you won’t have anyone to talk to in English. You can explore Dongbaek island where they built an elegant bulding for APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference in 2005. It has 1,7 km wooden deck you can walk on around the island.

wooden deck of Dongbaek island

wooden deck of Dongbaek island

a view from the deck

a view from the deck

APEC Building

APEC Building

There is Busan Aquarium next to the Tourist Information Center, but I skipped because I don’t like fish 😛

I heard that Shinsegae Spaland is very interesting, so I went there. It’s a modern jimjilbang (Korean public bath) with several different sauna rooms. You can relax and use the facillities they provide for 4 hours. Really interesting to try. But similar to onsen (natural hotspring bath) in Japan, you must take off your clothes. They have separated bath for women and men though.

I arranged a meeting with a Couchsurfing friend, John, in Seomyeon station exit 1. When I got there, I couldn’t find any dirrection to exit 1. I tried to ask people, but I didn’t meet anyone who spoke English. Thankfully, a nice Korean lady helped me with limited English plus some body language, that I could find exit 1. Glad John was still waiting for me. Then we tried some street food in this cool area and watched a crazy ride in a game center.  We rode a scooter to a really good cheesy kimchijeon restaurant somewhere near Kyungsung Dae: Chuntak.



the best cheesy kimchijeon of Chuntak restaurant

the best cheesy kimchijeon of Chuntak restaurant

John brought me hiking up a bit on Geumjongsan to see the diamond bridge (Gwangan Bridge) from above. I looked really beautiful! It was an great idea because people usually take the pictures of diamond bridge from Gwangalli Beach. Geumyongsan should be a spot where people watch the fireworks show they hold on Gwangalli beach. John took me there as well, and we were lucky to see the clouds reflected the lights of the diamond bridge.

diamond bridge from Geumyongsan

diamond bridge from Geumjongsan

Expenses (KRW)


Subway tickets



Lunch (jokbal/pig feet, 2 persons)


Face masks (The Faceshop)


Dinner (7-11)



One day pass (subway)







Spa land




Pore controller (for my bro)


Dinner (kimchijeon & dakgalbi, share)



General Info Gyeongju Seoul

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  2. Jamie says:

    May I know how do I get to Chun Tak restaurant in Busan?

    • Eva says:

      Hi Jamie, take line 2 to KSU, exit 5. Turn left at the Artbox and then take your first right; Chun Tak (Tony’s) is down the road on your right at the intersection. I got this info from another website as I can’t remember the direction

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