IMG-20130430-00375Finally, I went to Siung beach with 6 rock climbers. Through 3 hours journey by public transportation from Jogjakarta, including a water tank truck, we got to our summer paradise. We would spend the next 4 days having fun with rock climbing and slacklining.

Siung means fang in Javanese. There is a rock shaped like a fang, so people named this beach Siung.

Unfamiliar with slacklining? Slacklining is a sport that emphasizes on balance, concentration, and focus by walking on approximately two inches wide flat strap (webbing) between two anchor points. There are some different kinds of slacklining. Tricklining is for slacklining with acrobatic moves. Highlining is for slacklining with extreme height. Waterlining is for slacklining above the water. And maybe there are more kinds.

We unloaded our equipments from the 100 liters heavy carrier, ready to slacklining by this beautiful rocky beach. Lucky, we’re with Indoslackline founder, Isro Adi. We could be the witnesses of the highlining record attempt!

Installing a slackline on the trees, we started our first excitement. Walking, bouncing, funny posing. Until we got some scratches and … rip on the pants. At the afternoon, we swam on an artificial “lagoon”. People cleaned up some corals on this area so their boats have access to the shore. It’s a perfect place to swim, but we must be careful with the south coast unpredictable tides.

Siung beach

Siung beach

Martin on a rookie line

Martin on a rookie line

Yusak, kungfulining :P

Yusak, kungfulining 😛

As there was no electricity, the clear night sky looked wonderful. We laid down on the beach, were spied by fireflies, watching the constellations and the Milky Way.

mbah Wasto's

mbah Wasto’s

Each day, mbah Wasto’s family prepared local meal for us.They still use pawon, a traditional way of cooking, so the food tastes very special. It gave us extra energy to create an unforgettable holiday.

The next day, we installed the slackline we would use for highlining. I watched my friends challenging the waves, the strong wind, and the sharp rocks. That was the first step to break the highlining record. It took 8 hours to finish the installation. They looked exhausted, but I could see both satisfaction and adrenaline rush for next step on their faces.


highline installation

near sunset

near sunset

After a slight resting time, we climbed one of 250 climbing routes in Siung. You can read more about climbing in Siung on Isro’s blog, or on my article in All Indonesia Travel. It was a hard day, but we couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Climbing at the Sea Horse

Climbing at the Sea Horse

We woke up a bit later that usual because we were very tired. Isro kept practicing and focusing because he would break his own record.

On the first attempt, the leash somehow bound Isro’s right foot that he fell upside down and swung, almost hitting the sharp rock. That was the most terrifying thing I ever saw on holidays. Isro hadn’t wanted to give up, but his body seems didn’t cooperate very well. It’s still shaking. He tried several times until he fell down again after around 5 meters from the starting point. No wonder, he was shaking, the slackline was unstable, and the wind was blowing so strong. Maybe next time, bro! [watch the video]

the Siung rock

uninstalling highline on the Siung rock

I loved it here. I didn’t want to go home, but I had too… Pity me…

  1. Kat says:

    this is exactly what I want to do. I’m in yogyakarta at the moment but haven’t found anyone who is a rock climber. How did you find your 6 rock climbers to go with?

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