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Day 7: 14 April 2013

The subway in Osaka is more simple than Tokyo (of course). You can buy one day pass for JPY 600. There are also tourist information staffs in uniforms at bigger stations. They speak English, they have maps, they have the informations you might need.

There’s nothing much I could see in Osaka. The most important thing is to take the pictures of the famous running Glico man and the Doraku Crab in Dotonbori area. Hahaha… well, they are the icons of Osaka so far. You can enjoy spending time in Dotonbori, finding some good food to taste. Try the smoked crab legs. There’s also Sakaisuji street where you can shop.

Doraku crab

Doraku crab

running Glico man

running Glico man



Sakaisuji street

entrance to Sakaisuji street

Then, visit Osaka Castle and Shitennoji temple.


Osaka castle

a part of Shitennoji temple

a part of Shitennoji temple

There is Universal Studios Japan as well. I chose to look around at Universal City Walk only, because it’s already 4pm.


Universal City Walk

At night, I worked parttime at the cozy Nocosarejima bar for 3 hours. It’s near the Tsutenkaku tower at Shinsekai. They also have bicycle rental, JPY 500 per day. It’s fun to cycling in Osaka, but you must not forget to lock the bike. I knew the owners from Couchsurfing.

Tsutenkaku tower

Tsutenkaku tower

Nocosarejima bar

Nocosarejima bar

my name tag :D

my name tag 😀

Day 8: 15 April 2013I woke up a bit late because I had nothing to do except for going to the harbor for my ferry to Busan. Unfortunately, I was also late to notice that there is an artistic wedding chapel near the harbor! The White Chapel, located just behind the Hyatt Regency.

I would board Panstar Dream cruise. The station officer told me that I should have stopped at Cosmo Square station, not Ferry Terminal station. I rode the wrong bus because there was Panstar Dream sign on a bus stop, but not only Panstar bus stop there.

There’s no restaurants near the harbor, but you can find Lawson about 400m from the harbor if you’re hungry… or bring some food before you come here.



One day pass (subway)



Train ticket


Dinner (Yoshinoya – gyuudon)


Chocolate drink (supermarket)


Drink (vending machine)



Lunch and snack (Lawson)



Panstar ferry to Busan


Fruit juice 2x


Links: * General infoTokyo * Kawaguchiko * Kyoto * Iga

  1. icha says:

    Sis..beli tiket panstar ferrynya diosaka atau udah booking dari sini ya?tolong info ya pliss…thank u..😂

    • Eva says:

      Hi sis,
      Beli tiketnya lebih baik booking dari internet. Kalo yang bahasa Korea emang susah dimengerti, tapi yang bahasa Jepang bisa di copas ke google translate. No booking fee, jadi bisa di print atau catat nomor bookingnya buat ditunjukin di counter 🙂

  2. icha says:

    Oke deh sis..makasih infonya ya..☺

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