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Day 4: 11 April 2013

I wanted to see Mount Fuji, so I rode the train to Kawaguchiko (lake Kawaguchi) early in the morning.  I alighted at Otsuki station and took Kawaguchiko express to Kawaguchiko station. You can also stop at Fujikyu Highland station.

Kawaguchiko station is both train and bus station. There is tourist information center next to the station. You can put your luggage here ONLY IF you already reserved a hotel. Otherwise, there is a locker room on the other corner of the station. You can rent a locker for JPY 300-500 depends on how big the space you need.

I suggest you to stay overnight here if you have time. There are plenty of places you might want to see, or maybe you want to climb mount Fuji. Try to check out Fuji Royal Hotel Kawaguchiko. They have dorm room and onsen.

I only had around  5 hours in Kawaguchiko, so I asked the direction to Kachi-kachi and anything else I could see during 5 hours. They gave me a map that I regretted my decision no to stay there longer. Kachi-kachi ropeway  is a cable car to Mount Kachi-kachi where you can see Mount Fuji. The roundtrip journey costs JPY 700. There’s a myth that if you can see Mount Fuji clearly, without clouds on the sky, you’ll gonna be lucky!

Then I went to stop no.17 where I could see a lot of Sakura trees blooming near the lake by bus. I wanted to visit an ice cave near lake Saiko, but it might take 4 more hours T,T

Kachi-kachi ropeway station

Kachi-kachi ropeway station

a cafe on top of Mt. Kachi-kachi

a cafe on top of Mt. Kachi-kachi

Mt. Fuji view from Kawaguchiko

Mt. Fuji view from Kawaguchiko

I went back to Tokyo (Shinjuku station) by bus. I read that I could go directly to Kyoto by bus from Kawaguchiko, but it would take 9.5 hours. If I took bus from Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku, then Shinjuku to Kyoto, it would take only 7.5 hours. And… I could spend the night on the bus. It cut the hostel cost.


Again, a Japanese young woman helped me to find tourist information center on TMG building. I needed the inter-city bus schedule information and asked about Suica card refund because I reloaded it too much.

There is JR office in Shinjuku station where you can refund Suica. Don’t forget to bring your ID. I found a beautiful park on the way to JR bus station. While waiting for the bus, I went to Tokyu Hands building. Just to clean myself up. You should notice that Japanese toilets are clean and there are some interesting buttons on the seat. Some buttons have unique functions like “flushing sound” to cover your “activity noise” on the toilet and seat heater.

somewhere in Shinjuku

somewhere in Shinjuku

toilet buttons

toilet buttons



Kawaguchiko express   train







Kachi-kachi ropeway   (round trip)






Baked potato miso






Express bus to   Shinjuku



Dinner set (gyuudon,   tofu, miso soup)



Snacks (Lawson)






Night express bus to   Kyoto (Seishun Eco Dream no.7)


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