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Day 6: 13 April 2013

I think this is one of the most exciting trip for me. Iga is the former ninja village. You will find “ninjas” everywhere. Yeah, you can rent ninja contume, with the sword! I always want to be a ninja, so I rented one 😀

little ninjas

little ninjas

I found tourist information center in Danjiri Museum. A friendly staff gave me a map and directions. She asked me if I could fill a questionaire, so I said OK. As the result of filling the questionaire, I got a ninja file folder. That’s cool because I needed a file folder to keep my schedule, maps and tickets.

I went to Igaryu Ninja Museum to see the ninja house, weapons, and also ninja performance. There’s a discount ticket if you want to visit Igaryu Ninja Museum, Ueno Castle, and Danjiri Museum. So, I also entered Ueno Castle, a museum and the tallest castle in Japan. Then, Danjiri Museum, where I could wear ninja costume indoor for only JPY 200.

ninja show

ninja show

Ueno castle

Ueno castle

I still had some time left, so I decided to find Murai Bankoen Ninja Cafe. And I found something more than I expected. The owner, Murai Motoharu, is the grandson of a famous real ninja, Murai Soukichi! I was amazed when he told me the history about ninja and his store. You’ll see Murai-san’s collection of ninja weapons and buy ninja souvenirs here. And I agree with someone from Disney who said that Murai-san makes the most delicious green tea soft ice cream in Japan. Murai-san even let me tried ninja supplement that made me feel like a ninja (sorry, I’m still too happy even just to tell story). He popped some firecrackers and shouted “arigatou gozaimashita! Ki wo tsukete!” (thank you! Take care!) as I ran quckly to catch my bus.

Murai Bankoen Ninja Cafe

Murai Bankoen Ninja Cafe

me and Murai-san

me and Murai-san

There should have been a Spring festival, but it’s cancelled. I was extremely happy anyways. Iga city made my day! The best 4 hours of the day!

My suggestion: enter Igaryu Ninja Museum, take picture of Ueno Castle from the outside, rent ninja costume in Danjiri Museum (if you want to walk around the city with the costume, it costs JPY 1,000), buy green tea ice cream at Murai Bankoen.

Download Iga city map here.



Danjiri museum, Igaryu ninja museum, Ueno castle




Ninja show



Ninja costume   (indoor)









Macha soft ice cream   (Murai Bankouen Ninja Cafe)






Train tickets



Dinner (Yoshinoya – curry rice) Osaka


Links: * General info * Tokyo * Kawaguchiko * Kyoto * Osaka

  1. Stufly says:

    Where is your photo in ninja costume? 😮
    Hell yeah, so damn envy.

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