About Indonesia

Posted: May 11, 2013 in DISCERNING, INDONESIA

an old note from 24 June 2012


I talked a lot with many foreigners nowadays.

Sadly, I found that Indonesia has such terrible image overseas T,T

“I heard that Indonesia has too many weird religions.”

“I saw too many scary pictures of the terrors happened Indonesia.”

“Visit Indonesia? What if some guys kidnap me? Then they rob me and kill me?”

“Are you OK there? Isn’t it dangerous for you to stay there?”

“Why don’t you go back to China, to the land of your ancestors?”

Oh, come on… Not every news you’ve heard was true!

Indonesia still has corruptors and the extremes. Yes. Indonesia still has robbers, kidnapers, and murderers. Yes. Indonesia still has homeless and jobless. Yes. Indonesia has inflation every year. Yes. Indonesia has traffic jams and rude drivers. Yes. Indonesia has so many problems.


If you asked me, “how do you love Indonesia?”, I would tell you.

I was born here. I’ve been living here all my life. I’ve been raised with the true Indonesian values. I love Indonesia. It streams in my veins. It’s every single beat of my heart. Indonesia is a rich country. It had been blessed tremendously with natural resources. In so many different cultures, the people blend and respect one another. As I said before, we’re not problem free, but together we try to care more about our country. Sometimes I ended up saying bad things about Indonesia, but I would regret it so much. Well, you can say whatever, but I will still love Indonesia anyway, I will keep blessing Indonesia anyway.

OK, too many things to say. Just come over and witness it yourselves!

I live in a small town, but maybe you’ll interested to visit. I’ll take you around to taste a small bite of my everyday tropical paradise ^^


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