Last month I started hashing again. Maybe hashing is still not too popular in Indonesia, or maybe you don’t even know what it is. You can check this out:

Well, hashing is simply a hiking-like exercise. My uncle in Bali introduced me to hashing in my high-school year, then another uncle in Jogjakarta often took me go hashing when I lived there. I like hashing so much because it’s an alternative way to burn lots of calories, have fun with nature, and meet new people.

I finally found Purwokerto Hash House Harriers because of my friend, Reza. These are some pictures we took while hashing.





Why I categorize it as “traveling”? Because I think it’s a simple trip for a very short holiday for me. Sunday morning, only around 3 hours and very refreshing! Last week we took Abby, my couchsurfer, went hashing together. The track was a bit extreme. A lot of steep inclines (almost 90 degrees) and kept hiking up. Thank God it wasn’t raining the night before.

When we ran out our breath with drops of sweat all over our bodies, we had an idea that life is like hashing. Sometimes we can walk, sometimes we must hike hard. But we know we have a destination and we can always enjoy the surroundings.

If you are in Purwokerto and want to try hashing, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Sunday morning, 6AM meeting point, 7-10 AM hashing (depends on the track, medium or long, and your speed).
Fee: incidental IDR 10.000/person (including snacks); membership IDR 30.000/person/month (including t-shirt from sponsors).


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