This time, I spent most of my time in Malioboro area, since I stayed at my friend’s house, Betty’s guest house, gang 2 (the second alley of) jalan Sosrowijayan (jalan = street). There is gudeg seller across the alley in early morning if you want to try Jogja traditional dish.

jogja 2

Soping Book Center

IMG-20121211-01833Maybe it should be “shopping”, but we call it “soping” with similar pronunciation as shopping. It’s located behind Taman Pintar, still in walking distance from Malioboro street, around 400 meters east through Beringharjo traditional market. I accompanied Eka Panda to buy a guide book for her vocational highschool final exam. You can find second books and new books here, with more affordable price than other book stores. But don’t expect too much, because sometimes you won’t find what you’re looking for. My other favorite option: Toga Mas book store (Galeria Mall or jalan Affandi).

Pasar Satwa dan Tanama Hias Yogyakarta (PASTY)

I also visited PASTY at Dongkelan, jalan Bantul. It’s animal and ornamental plants market. I wanted to buy a rose hair tarantula (Grammostola rosea), but they didn’t have it. You can almost find everything here. Dogs, fish, bats, owls, fleeceds, lizards, geckos, maggots, crickets… I didn’t check out the plants though 😀

jogja lagi

Monumen Batik Jogjakarta

monumen jogjaJust at the end of the famous jalan Malioboro, on the junction of Bank Indonesia, BNI, and Kantor Pos Besar (the main Post Office of Jogjakarta), you can find a unique monument of batik. It’s not just an ordinary monument because it looks like an ordinary row of lampposts, but if you look closer, there are samples of various batik patterns and the explanations on the sides of the concretes (in Bahasa Indonesia).

I lived in Jogja for over than 10 years, but I’d never been here before! LOL

PS. The view of the junction near sunset was beautiful 🙂



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