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Posted: November 29, 2012 in COUCHSURFING, INDONESIA, JAWA (Java), JAWA TENGAH (Central Java)
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10-11 November 2012

Wondering what “dangan” means? 😀

In Japanese, dangan literally means bullet. My Japanese friend told me that they also use the term dangan for short trip. It’s popular in Japan to do dangan, even overseas dangan. For example: you only have 2 days on weekend to spend, then you fly from your country to Borobudur Temple, Indonesia,  just to see (or to take pictures of) the stunning sunset, then fly home the next day. Kinda crazy quickie, but it’s another way to enjoy an adventure.

I made an escape to Salatiga after my one week thypus bedrest. One of my close friends was getting married on November 11th. Some other friends planned to come, but no one finally made it. I anticipated that by sending a message to Satya on Couchsurfing website. Fortunately, he responded quick, said that he could host me, so I called Tri Kusuma travel (minibus) and booked a seat to Salatiga for November 10th.

They almost canceled it because I was the only passenger. Well, the truth is: I threatened them a bit for their responsibility, “I’ve been waiting since 4 AM. And there’s no other way for you except to get me to Salatiga today. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow morning.”

Actually there are several ways to go to Salatiga from Purwokerto. My options were:

1. Nusantara executive bus (Purwokerto – Semarang), departs at 8 AM from the bus station. Stop in Bawen and take another public transportation to Salatiga. But it would be too exhausting, considering my physical condition.

2. Tri Kusuma travel. I thought this was the best option because they would pick me up at home and drop me off in front of Satya’s house. Departs only once a day at 5 AM. Around 5-6 hours journey. The ticket costs Rp 60.000,-  Purwokerto agent: (0281) 635358 / 635874.  Salatiga agent: (0298) 324816.

It was my first time visiting Salatiga by myself. I called Satya to let him know that I was already outside his house. I was wondering how would he be. Thankfully, he’s very friendly. You’ll notice on the first meeting that he’s a sociable type, and very considerate as well. He showed me my room, then asked my agenda. He introduced me to his cute 9 years old little sister, Wawa, too. We talked about so many things, especially about traveling (of course).

Salatiga is quite a peaceful developing city with cool fresh air. It was a little bit dusty though. Satya told me about Mt. Telomoyo where you can “cheat” to get to the top by motorbike and view 4 other mountains in the surrounding. There is also a kind of museum where you can learn about diseases. The first and only in Indonesia. Maybe it’s the Vector World and Disease Reservoir of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Development, Ministry of Health of The Republic of Indonesia. I think I should come visit Salatiga again…

After a bit rest, we tried to find a church for me to attend tomorrow morning and my friend’s wedding venue. About 400 meters from Satya’s house, there is Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU), the oldest private university in Indonesia. The university has nothing to do with Satya, but the meaning is the same: faithfull. In front of SWCU, we found Gereja Kristen Jawa (GKJ, or Javanese Christian Church). The Sunday morning services are held at 5, 7, and 9.

We also found the wedding venue, so… mission accomplished. Satya took me around the city a bit and stopped at a famous bakso (= meatball, usually beef) restaurant in Salatiga: Sari Roso. They also sell tahu bakso (= fried Indonesian tofu with meatball inside). It’s yummy and just in the perfect raining afternoon. I also found out that I must bring my external hard drive next time I visit Satya, because he collects Japanese dorama (like I do).

Talked to Satya’s mom, played with Wawa, had Couchsurfing photo session with Satya, then went out for another yummy treat: wedang ronde.

Ronde (wedhang ronde): a hot Javanese dessert containing glutinous rice balls stuffed with peanut paste, floating in a hot and sweet ginger and lemongrass tea.[wikipedia]

The next morning, Dika, my friend who finally decided to join me attending the wedding, rode motorbike for 2.5 hours from Jogjakarta to Salatiga. We had breakfast at Pancasila square. There are food stalls and ATV rentals. We ate fried rice and batagor (= fried tahu bakso with peanuts sauce). Satya told me that the batagor and sup buah (= fruit soup, small cuts of fruit + milk + syrup + ice) are the recommended food to order there.

That was the first time Satya became a host for a couchsurfer, but he did really good. I was a pampered surfer! Hahaha… Though I only spent a day in Salatiga, it felt like we’ve been good friends for years. We shared some similar interests including writing. He wrote this experience on his blog and it was also published on Couchsurfing official blog. You should check them out!

Satya’s original writing (Bahasa Indonesia):

Satya’s writing on CS official blog (translated into English):

Couchsurfing is another amazing way to make friends indeed! 😀

  1. Stufly says:

    Glad to know that you’re happy during your first trip to Salatiga, Eva! It’s a honour for me to know and host you. By the way, you got the right meaning of my name, Satya-faithfull. Come again to Salatiga Kota Hati Beriman. 🙂

  2. Eva says:

    Thanks to you too for inspiring me, student of butterfly! I’ll treat you “all you can eat strawberries” if you visit my hometown! 😀

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