Couch Surfing Indonesia Festive 2012 Bali Journey Last Day

Posted: November 27, 2012 in BALI, COUCHSURFING, INDONESIA, JAWA (Java)

CSIF 2012 Bali Journey 20-25 October 2012

Last day(s): 24-25 October 2012

the view outside Tri’s house

This morning we had breakfast with Tri’s neighbour. We talked about an Indonesian manner. Most of Indonesians will ask you personal questions on the first meeting like “How old are you?” or “Are you married?” or “How much money do you make?” and other annoying questions. It’s more convenient to simply reply “it’s none of your business”, but for the sake of politeness, you SHOULD NOT refuse to answer, especially when you talk to elders. Well, you can just smile and runaway quickly if you really don’t want to answer 😛

After breakfast, we went to Ayung river with Tri and her husband, Werner. We took a (trekking) walk along the river to the rafting starting point. There were some foreigners preparing theirselves to raft and some females collecting sand. Last time I went to Bali, I wanted to try rafting here, but I was a solo traveler that I couldn’t afford it since I must pay for at least 2 persons, so I postponed my rafting plan. It cost around Rp 250.000,- per person (last year), including lunch. We met a durian seller and ate one yummy durian together.

As I told before, we have transportation difficulties in Ubud. There’s almost no public transportation. We finally rode “ojek cantik”. Ojek is kind of motorbike taxi. I added “cantik” because the driver were females! The fee for Ubud-Denpasar (Ubung bus station) was Rp 45.000,- per person.

We already booked direct tickets to Purwokerto with Wisata Komodo executive bus. A ticket costs Rp 260.000,- including dinner. They provided pillows and blankets. The AC worked so well and the toilet was clean. Departed at 2pm WITA.

Wisata Komodo: (0361) 415850, 8712000, 081805656999.

We saw dolphins when we were on the ferry crossing Bali strait. It was very romantic moment near sunset, but unfortunatelly I was single, with my engaged friends… Ah…

We slept, talked, listened to music, had some snacks, slept again… until we got to Purwokerto on 25 October 2012 at 2.30 pm WIB. Oh yeah, over 24 hours on the road. Another unforgettable journey.


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