Couch Surfing Indonesia Festive 2012 Bali Journey Day 4

Posted: November 27, 2012 in BALI, COUCHSURFING, INDONESIA

CSIF 2012 Bali Journey 20-25 October 2012

Day 4: 23 October 2012

I woke up so early, wishing to see the sunrise, but my body seemed didn’t want to get up. Everyone were still sleeping. I sat down and waited till the sunlight came through the window. Must be beautiful outside, so I finally got up.

You can breathe the cool fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun. The view of Songan village was so peaceful and sophisticated. Very nostalgic. My friends woke up, one by one. Some of them left the school, carrying their cameras.

I decided to ask Tri to join me looking around the village, also to find breakfast. Isro joined us as well. We walked down and found a warung. They sell Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge). But it’s really different from the bubur ayam we find in Java. They put spicy soup and small cut mixed veggies with shreded coconut. I loved it though. I always love the strong spicy taste of Balinese traditional dishes. We only spent Rp 5.000,- for 2 servings of bubur ayam and a bottle of mineral water.

Isro skipped the breakfast and met a young village leader. The Songan people have traditional house called Sakaroras. It has unique architecture, fully made of bamboo. Sakaroras is divided into four small rooms. Only the leader can sleep over, when they will have a funeral. So basically, the leader sleep in Sakaroras in a room next to another room where they put the corpse. Sounds so creepy huh…

We started the class at around 8am. Tri and I taught the 1st and 2nd graders. Like what I said before, I don’t usually get along well with children (especially the very young ones), so I was confused about what to do. Gladly, Tri is an expert on dealing with kids. We worked together pretty well. We sang, drew, and read a storybook entitled “1000 Kittens Grandpa”.

On the breaktime, the 5th and 6th graders asked me to play a traditional game: Gobak sodor. The name was adopted from “Go Back Through The Door” in English.

Gobak Sodor consists of two teams, one team of three people. A rule of thumb is to intercept the opponent can not escape to the last line in a back and forth. To determine who is champion of all team members must complete the process of back and forth in a predetermined area of the field.

Team members who have a turn “guard” will maintain the field, the way is guarded by a horizontal line and there is also keeping the vertical boundary line. To guard duty horizontal line is trying to hinder their opponents who are also trying to bypass border line which has been determined as a free boundary. For those who get a job to maintain vertical lines then the task is to maintain the overall vertical lines located in the middle of the field.


I was the only adult and my team lost 2-0, but we had fun and my team members said, “it’s just a game. Win or lose doesn’t matter.” God bless these kids! I like them so much.

Playing with them in such hot weather made me starving. I looked around but I couldn’t find any of my friends. Then I went straight to the cafetaria. A small warung with a lot of childhood snacks. I found 5 of my friends there. Hahaha… apparently. I saw a strange kind of fruit, Kemundung. It tasted like huge lime grains.

Back to the class, I told a story about a grandpa with 1000 kittens. They were so excited, especially when I asked them to imitate the sound of noisy 1000 kittens. So much fun!

12 pm

Finally it’s time to say goodbye. We took some pictures together with the teachers and the children, then the children lined up and shook our hands one by one. Some of them looked into my eyes, smiled, and sincerely said, “Thank you for coming here and teaching us.” It was so touching… I would have shed some tears if I could hug them.

We left a homework for Balinese people. The world knows Bali as one of most wanted tourism destinations, but there is another side they probably don’t care about. These Blandingan elementary kids need clean and healthy environment. They need water. Maybe there are more places need support to solve other problems in Bali. Will you be someone who lend a hand for them?

Where do all the donations go anyways?

Yesterday we canceled to visit Terunyan Cemetery, so today 6 of us decided to go there. The roads to from Kintamani toTerunyan village are extremely wacky. We rode motorbikes, but sometimes the motorbike bum must get off and walked up the 60 degrees roads. When we got there, we rented a boat (because a motorboat is more expensive, but trust me, rowboats give you original Terunyan boating experience), with the boatmen of course, to reach Terunyan cemetery behind the hill. It’s easier to round the hill through Batur Lake than to walk over the hill.

Please pardon the English, but I copied this from the official dashboard:

The Terunyan village is situated at the foot of Mount Abang, in remote and isolated locations on the eastern of Batur Lake. The Terunyan society calls the community of Bali Aga (native). In Terunyan there is a temple called Pura Pancering Jagat. In addition, in the Terunyan village, the houses still reflect a traditional home. Near this village there is a grave that can only be reached through the lake by boat / motor boat.

Unlike the other Balinese society, the cremation ceremony in Terunyan society does not creamte (cremation) but the bodies of people who died just put on the ground with fenced “ancak saji” (woven bamboo is made in such a way). However, it strangely does not smell the stench which is believed as a result of the influence of Menyan Taru tree (taru = trees; menyan = fragrant) that grow on graves of Terunyan. At the ceremonial procession drove the corpse to the grave the women were barred to the grave. It is based on the belief that if women go to funeral escorts, and then based on the belief in the village would be a disaster. The funeral procession in the village of Terunyan now implement as inherited by his ancestors.

Ticket price: Rp 55.000,- / person (Rp 45.000,- for the boat, Rp 10,000,- for the entrance ticket to the cemetery) The price may vary, depends on how many people are in. There was a board with the prices information.

Satisfied witnessing the legendary Terunyan cemetery, we ate at a really good warung on the way home. It served pretty huge portion with cheap price. Steamed rice + friend chicken breast-wing for only Rp 12.000,- Phillipe really loved the sambal that he ordered another plate of steamed rice with only sambal! 😀


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