Couch Surfing Indonesia Festive 2012 Bali Journey Day 3 (1)

Posted: November 20, 2012 in BALI, COUCHSURFING, INDONESIA

CSIF 2012 Bali Journey 20-25 October 2012

Day 3: 22 October 2012

“om swastyastu” is how to greet in Balinese native language

1.30 am WITA

(There is an hour time difference between Java and Bali. Bali uses WITA time zone which is an hour faster than WIB in Java)

Unfortunately, the bus stopped at Mengwi station, not Ubung station. We had to wait until the angkot (= public transportation, a mini van, can contain 12-14 people) was full. We rode it to Ubung bus station. We paid Rp 15.000,- because we brought 2 huge backpacks, counted as 1 more person. It was around 3am and we couldn’t find public transportation to Ubud. Thankfully, we met a Balinese taxi driver who lives near Ubud. He gave us friendly rate, Rp 120.000,-, to Ubud. After more than an hour, we finally arrived at out host’s house. It’s freezing in Ubud!

Reza, another CS Purwokerto member, was already stayed there for 2 days. He opened the door for us. Our host, Tri, woke up to greet us. She’s really nice. I’m so grateful we had her and her animated husband as our host.

I laid down on the comfy bed, the guys were on the matress with their sleeping bags. Another thing to be grateful for, is that I’m a woman 😛

We only had 2 hours before the meeting time for CSIF social work. The time crawled slowly as we woke up, took a bath, had breakfast, and talked with our hosts. You can rent a motobike for Rp 50.000,-/day. We were kinda late, and I got warning from the committee. They left the meeting point without us, so we had to catch them up at the next meeting point, Pura (= Temple) Hulun Danu, Kintamani.

Well, we arrived there first because we rode motorbike. Hahaha…

We met 3 other people. Ade, the committee, from Bali; Nadia, Surfer Girl representative; and Freddy, from CS Bandung. Later, Phillipe, from CS Canada, joined us. We rode a pick up truck up the hill to Songan village. The roads were amazingly wacky and dusty. I should have brought my sunglasses and a mask or a scarf to cover my face. But the view was breathtaking! The dashing Mt. Batur across the turquoise peaceful lake Batur, green paddy fields, with clear blue sky as the canvas.

We would do the social work at Blandingan elementary school. Teaching English, photography, story telling, writing and drawing illustration.

The kids greeted us sincerely by putting their hands together and saying “om swastyastu”. So cute!

They have some problems that still unsolved completely. The village is extremely dry, but they’re far away from the springs and there are no conduits to distribute clean water to the village. They must ride motorbike, bringing medium water container on the back, to get clean water.

Moreover, they have a kind of skin disease, looks like ulceration, but can’t be cured easily and continuously relapse. Phillipe diagnosed one of the students at the teachers’ office because he’s a doctor to be. Tri had an idea about Javanese traditional medication for skin disease: eat gecko. But Ade told Tri not to tell the teachers, because they might have their own solution. True, the Songan people have a traditional way to cure the disease. They use herbals and chalk to put on the KORENG. They also have a small clinic nearby where they can get medication cream from a doctor.

We ended the lesson at noon. We told the children to come and watch a movie together at Bale Banjar (= village meeting building) tonight.

After tidied up our stuff in the teachers’ office, we went down the hill to find some food or maybe go across the lake to Trunyan village, to witness one of natural miracle, the Taru Menyan, the tree that only grows there, where Trunyan people put the corpses under and they won’t smell although they are already rotten.

We ate at warung makan (= food stall) to have lunch. Some ordered smoked fish, fresh from the lake, with steamed rice, Rp 12.000,-; the rest ordered ayam sisit (= spicy Balinese shreded fried chicken) also with steamed rice, Rp 10.000,-.

Lack of time, we finally decided to take a rest at Anak Alam base camp. Anak Alam community dedicate themselves to educate the villagers. The weather was so perfect to sleep, but the wind blew stench from the pig farm and brought thousand flies. Hahaha… unbelivably, we still slept like baby pigs (?).

Near sunset, we walked to the warung makan, waiting for our pick up car to go back to Blandingan elementary school. There were a lot of dogs. Kintamani has a particular type of dog, a pretty famous breed we knew as anjing Kintamani (= Kintamani dog). There were also women picking up yellow flowers for religious ceremonies at the temple. I saw some school girls practising Balinese traditional dance. Really nice to know that the Balinese still keep their unique cultural heritage.


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