11-12 October 2012

It was a surprise that suddenly a couchsurfer from China contacted me. The first thing came up on my mind was, “what is he doing in my hometown?” Not that I underestimate my hometown, I love it a lot and even promote it everywhere I could, but I don’t think many foreigners acknowledge it and want to visit it intentionally.

I couldn’t host him that time, but he sent request to another host. There you go, I found 3 couchsurfers at once! Bruce, a unique couchsurfer from China; his host Gilang and Ria from Purwokerto. I contacted CS Purwokerto members, and they made it to meet them all with me, plus Nardo from Jogja joined us too.

We went to curug Bayan (= Bayan waterfall), the upper side of curug Gede. The water was so cold, but Bruce and Gilang swam there.

Then we ate mendoan together near Lokawisata Baturraden. It costs Rp 2.000,- each, but they sell it by portion. Ten mendoan per portion. You also can order half (5 pcs). If you’re starving, I suggest you to order steamed rice or ketupat to eat with the mendoan.

While we were waiting for our food, Bruce saw a local picked Kersen fruit (= kind of sweet red cherry with eatable small seeds) from the tree near us, so he asked her to try picking the Kersen with a tool we called “genter” (= a stick with basket-like woven bamboo above). It was raining slightly, but we proceeded to Pancuran Telu hotspring. The good thing about the sulfur of mount Slamet is that it’s not stinky. It’s natural and good for your skin. Hmm.. Oh, there’s Rp 15.000,- entrance fee to enter the Lokawisata Baturraden and Pancuran Telu.

As the twilight came, we ate our favorite es duren at GOR Satria together and shared laughter. What a fine day…


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