Couch Surfing Indonesia Festive 2012 Bali Journey Day 1

Posted: October 30, 2012 in BALI, COUCHSURFING, INDONESIA, JAWA (Java)

CSIF 2012 Bali Journey 20-25 October 2012

Day 1: 20 October 2012

Speeding up to Purwokerto bus station right after Putri & Gidi Wedding party. I was in a super good mood because Ucok asked me to sing an everlasting duet song “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” together. That was my first time to sing at my friends’ wedding. The most unforgettable moment was when our close friends started to gather around in front of the stage and cheer us like some groupies, then Anton borrowed Putri’s bouquet and kneeled down, pretending that he proposed me. Hilarious!

I carried a huge backpack, trying to get the 4.30 Effiesiensi bus to Jogjakarta, but unfortunately I got the 5.30 Effisiensi Royal Class bus. It costs Rp 40.000,- for regular bus, and Rp 50.000,- for Royal Class. The differences are: you only get mineral water on regular bus; but on Royal Class you will get a bun, C2 flavored tea, and larger legs space.

I met another traveler on the bus. He works as an event organizer negotiator, so he travels a lot to many cities in Java. He took Effisiensi bus for the very first time. He refused his complimentary bun and tea, until the officer told him that they’re free! That was how I made a conversation with him. I told him about Couch Surfing website, of course, as usual.

What I like the most about Effisiensi is that they have Shuttle bus to the city. I usually ride the shuttle to Malioboro street.

I arrived in Jogja around 10pm. Met up with Ria, Gilang, and Nardo at Steve’s house, Betty’s Guesthouse for backpackers. The plan was to go together to Couch Surfing Indonesia Festive 2012 (CSIF 2912) in Bali, but Ria and Gilang canceled it because they spent all their money for business purpose that day. Well, I wouldn’t hold back because I already went this far.

Closed my eyes, prayed that it wouldn’t rain during the journey, just couldn’t wait until tomorrow.


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